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Poverty is a Thing of the Past, and the Possibilities for Our Future are Infinite

I recently published an article lamenting the fact that prominent elites are now advocating population control as a tool to combat climate change.

In doing so, I highlighted the fact that 7 times more people live outside of poverty today than have ever lived at that level before. I emphasized that this new population of financially unshackled global residents comprises a larger population of people than has ever lived before with both the time and the financial ability to devote their energies to working together to solve our biggest challenges.

Referred to as the "innovation population", the sum total of people living outside of daily poverty with the potential to contribute to a global innovation conversation is 40 times larger than the population of such individuals that forged the Industrial Revolution, and around 7 times larger than the population in such conditions even just 40 years ago.

Wouldn't it be a shame to give up hope on humanity's potential to innovate and invent at exactly the time when that potential is the greatest? Why be defeatist in our approach to our biggest challenges when our greatest potential is still ahead of us?

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