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News and Notes on How to Build New Cities in Africa...

Africa is urbanizing rapidly, and will grow more population and more cities in the next 75 years than anywhere else in the world. Because of the unique conditions of city building on the African continent, and leveraging our decades of experience researching and developing new cities across the world, Capital Frontiers has launched "New Cities Africa" as a resource to city-builders, governments, developers, and investors. Among the questions we can help answer:

  • How many new cities are being built in Africa?

  • Why is Africa building so many new cities?​

  • How can I build a new city in Africa?

  • How big should a new city be?

  • What are the steps to building a new city?

  • How much does it cost to build a new city?

  • Can a new city be profitable?

  • Can a new city improve lives for residents?

  • And more...

If you are developing a new city, or are just interested in connecting to learn more or share resources, please reach out to us at


Or feel free to explore our articles and studies below.

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