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Which Direction do Most Airport Luggage Carousels Spin?

If you've never stopped on your way out of the airport to notice the direction the luggage carousels are spinning, you're in luck. A British group called the Dull Men's Club has spent years building a database of this useful information. Detailed reports are available here:

According to DMC:

  • 45% of luggage carousels spin counterclockwise

  • 29% spin clockwise

  • 8% spin both directions

  • 15% of airports do not have luggage carousels

  • 3% "other"

The Dull Men's Club is one of the internet's greatest treasures, tabulating completely useless and not very interesting information and chronicling the lives of people who are not interesting or noteworthy. Be sure to check out the Dull Men's commemorative calendar.

The Dull Men's Club can be accessed at

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