Like a front line of untuned and misshapen trumpets, a chorus of discordant pessimism blares negativity about humanity’s future. David Attenborough, through his recent article for the UK’s Telegraph, has taken first chair, but competition is fierce. From spit valves to sweat glands, the choir of dis...

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At 47-115, the 2018 Baltimore Orioles were widely pitied as the worst team in baseball in 2018. Like many cellar-dwellers in recent memory, their futility, once demonstrated, was accepted as a given, and opponents fawned over the opportunity to play them. For those of us who remember the hype that s...

In three years the baseball Hall of Fame will transition from being a museum celebrating the history of the greatest players and feats in baseball to being a museum celebrating the favorite players of an egotistical media.

The failure to induct the greatest and most exciting players of all time into...

Downtown Asheville, North Carolina: One of the best vacation destinations in the United States, Asheville features a hilly downtown with some of the best shopping and restaurants in the entire country. From the French Broad Chocolate Bar to restaurants featured on the Eater 38, downtown Asheville is...

This is the story of the decline of baseball's premier defensive statistic – the error. In this study, we have tracked how and why the error has fallen off, and its unfortunate new role as the biggest waste of ink on a typical baseball line score.

Welcome to an era without errors

There’s a lot about b...

While New York City may symbolize the American Dream, Norman Rockwell and the American small town still epitomizes the country’s spirit. Two years removed from a bitter cultural stalemate that put the future of the country’s small town backbone at the forefront of an election about the future of our...

Ten years removed from the Great Recession, America is gaining perspective on its impacts. Nowhere is this truer than within the urban planning profession, where we’re getting a reality check about our 2008 rhetoric which predicted the birth of a new era that would leave the suburbs behind.

A wake-up...

In 2008, when Chicago inked a deal to privatize its parking meters, a chorus of groans ensued. To say that the deal was widely panned is putting it mildly. Its detractors say the city accepted too little in exchange for turning over the operations of its parking meters for a near-eternal 75 years to...

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February 16, 2020

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