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 "Capital Frontiers" is a journal by Roger Weber exploring "deep space" ideas in cities, sports, and culture. Combining deep analytical horsepower and data mining tools, CF provides speculative visioning and lucid storytelling about modern civilization.


  • Insights into cross-industrial shifts with fundamental impacts on global real estate, such as trends in shipping, fiber, and transportation infrastructure

  • Features on the "Silicon Valley" moments happening at the forefront of physical urban innovation

  • Stories of "civic and financial will" that address the drive, capital, and imagination behind the projects reshaping the world

  • Commentary on the "urban culture wars" - the cultural, political, and financial forces fighting for the future of North American urban policy

  • Speculation about the future of urban development, including the future of the field at the periphery, outside the realm of contemporary urban planning

CF is also continuously exploring interesting projects. If you are interested in learning more, please email us.

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