How would we solve medicine if doctors thought more like economists?

Though it has been at the forefront of American political discourse for decades, the fundamental flaws in the economics of America’s healthcare system can only be solved if we undo an oil-and-water philosophical contradiction betwee...

One of the most popular terms in planning is “automobile dependence”. The premise asserts that most people in most places in the United states are involuntarily dependant on their cars – with no other option, and that in an ideal world, in which everyone would be happier and more productive, people...

What's would make the perfect city? It would be:

  • Culturally rich, with top education institutions, medical centers, Fortune 500 companies, and cultural institutions like symphonies and museums. It would attract top graduates, and would be growing, emanating with new energy. It would have a vibran...

I recently published an article lamenting the fact that prominent elites are now advocating population control as a tool to combat climate change.

In doing so, I highlighted the fact that 7 times more people live outside of poverty today than have ever lived at that level before. I emphasized that th...

Two National Championships. Ten BCS Bowl games. Three National College Football Playoffs. 14 Big Ten Championships. Three Rose Bowls. A 19-10-1 record against Michigan. 

These are the stats over 30 years of Ohio State football that encompassed the coaching tenures of John Cooper, Jim Tressel, Urban M...

In 1835, Ohio and Michigan fought a near-bloodless battle over the boundary between their two states that left one dead and tensions broiling. Each year since 1897, they've fought a less bloody, but still contentious war for bragging rights - in football.

The rivalry encapsulates the fact that in col...

Can we create the most entertaining baseball team of all time? To do this, we'll want to think beyond just dominant on-the-field performance. We'll want dominance, sure, but something more entertaining than just the sledgehammer dominance of the 1927 Yankees (too boring), and hopefully something a b...

Here are the most up-to-date rankings of the five NCAA power conferences in median academic standards among the schools.

For comparison: The Ivy League

Average SAT: 1481

Average Admissions Rate: 9%

Average Endowment: $16.7 billion

The Power Conference Academic Rankings

Power Conference #1: The ACC


An Investment of the Heart

Investing in a sports team as a spectator can be stupid and painful. When you do so, you’re investing your happiness in something over which you have no control, giving the reins to your heart over to something that, even statistically (in most sports), will 29 times out of...

David Attenborough, according to a recent article for the UK’s Telegraph, has given up on society’s potential for good. In it, he argues for population control as the best response to global warming, a sentiment shared by many in the intelligencia of the media and political power.

Individuals who ho...

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