Two National Championships. Ten BCS Bowl games. Three National College Football Playoffs. 14 Big Ten Championships. Three Rose Bowls. A 19-10-1 record against Michigan. 

These are the stats over 30 years of Ohio State football that encompassed the coaching tenures of John Cooper, Jim Tressel, Urban M...

Can we create the most entertaining baseball team of all time? To do this, we'll want to think beyond just dominant on-the-field performance. We'll want dominance, sure, but something more entertaining than just the sledgehammer dominance of the 1927 Yankees (too boring), and hopefully something a b...

An Investment of the Heart

Investing in a sports team as a spectator can be stupid and painful. When you do so, you’re investing your happiness in something over which you have no control, giving the reins to your heart over to something that, even statistically (in most sports), will 29 times out of...

During the height of the COVID-19 quarantine, the Washington Nationals, their coaches, and a few ex-members got together to celebrate their 2019 World Championship with a rollicking Zoom call streamed live on Facebook. It gave us a glimpse inside the personalities of the notoriously personable World...

Even before revelations around the Astros' cheating en route to the 2017 World Series, 2018 ALCS, and possibly the 2019 World Series, began to dominate the baseball universe, making the Nationals' 2019 World Series victory all the more remarkable, the Nationals' run to the title already held the dis...

MLB's bullying response to a Congressional statement defending small communities may be the worst, most callous, and most anti-baseball fan thing to come from the office of Commissioner Rob Manfred. And amid the many failings of his awful tenure as baseball commissioner, that's saying something.


When Penn State fans chant “We Are…”, you might as well fill in the back end of the statement with “the Astros”. Based on this week’s events, the similarities between the attitudes of the Astros in 2020 and the attitudes of rioting Penn State fans in 2011 regarding the most offensive atrocities that...

How good do you have to be to make the baseball Hall of Fame? The reality is that so many variables play into what makes one "worthy" of the Hall that there's no clean metric. Longevity matters. Leadership matters. Defense matters. Championships matter. But at the end of the day, what should matter...

With a capacity of up to 110,000, Ohio State boasts one of the most intimidating home-field environments in college football. But which games this century have been most intimidating at the 'Shoe?

Crowd Noise in College Football

Unlike most other sports, college football is blessed with a nearly endle...

For months now we've been collecting responses to a poll asking fans to rank their favorite Major League ballparks. The results are in!

1. PNC Park

2. Wrigley Field

3. AT&T Park

4. Fenway Park

5. Camden Yards

6. Dodger Stadium

7. Petco Park

8. Citizens Bank Park

9. Busch Stadium

10. Citi Field

11. Great Americ...

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February 16, 2020

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