When Washington fired Dusty Baker in 2017 after leading the Nationals to first-round playoff exits following back-to-back 95 and 97-win seasons respectively, optimism that new manager Dave Martinez might infuse within the team a jolt of 21st-century analytics-fueled firepower that could lead it fina...

Capital Frontiers recently completed a comprehensive study of all 2,480 teams that have played a major league season since the World Series began in 1903. The analysis compared overall records, pythagorean runs-scored vs. runs-allowed metrics, consistency of performance in different situations (road...

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Part One: The Corporate Game

Although it is no longer America’s highest-revenue sport, baseball is still known around the world as America’s “national pastime”. Because of its long season, it attracts more viewers than any other American sport. Because of the way it is played, it is America’s most di...

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At 47-115, the 2018 Baltimore Orioles were widely pitied as the worst team in baseball in 2018. Like many cellar-dwellers in recent memory, their futility, once demonstrated, was accepted as a given, and opponents fawned over the opportunity to play them. For those of us who remember the hype that s...

In three years the baseball Hall of Fame will transition from being a museum celebrating the history of the greatest players and feats in baseball to being a museum celebrating the favorite players of an egotistical media.

The failure to induct the greatest and most exciting players of all time into...

This is the story of the decline of baseball's premier defensive statistic – the error. In this study, we have tracked how and why the error has fallen off, and its unfortunate new role as the biggest waste of ink on a typical baseball line score.

Welcome to an era without errors

There’s a lot about b...

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